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Caricatures from photos

Caricatures make great gifts for your friends, family members, classmates, colleagues , or even for yourself. You can print the caricature out and hang it on your wall, or print it on a t shirt or cap, or a coffee mug, or a plate, or any other object. Order a caricature today! Send me a message to my email: or call or write me through Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram my number: +1 (386) 225-5687. The time spent on a caricature depends on the complexity of the drawing. It usually takes from one to three days (group caricature may take longer). The cost starts from 20 dollars.
All prices for my work are for personal use only. Commercial use (printing for the purpose of further sale or advertising) are discussed separately.

Jane Myers

+1 (386) 225-5687
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